Jeffrey Scott Duval Yoga

Jeffrey Scott Duval, international yoga teacher


Jeffrey Scott Duval began his yoga teaching journey while completing his MFA at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, and was asked to teach a yoga class at the rec center. He ended up teaching part time  for two years before finding a yoga school to get certified. In 2004 he found Sonic Yoga and soon after he began to study Prana Flow, developed by Shiva Rea and eventually completed his training in Prana Flow in 2010. 

Jeffrey has been traveling around the world  leading teacher trainings since 2009 and is ERYT-500 Yoga Alliance certified and has taught advanced teacher trainings in meditation, sequencing, Ayurveda, and advanced asana. 

Jeffrey has an MFA in Dance and has an extensive background in performing arts, and his love for movement and flow are evident in his classes.

Yoga Philosophy

The practice of Yoga has mystical origins and is shrouded with contradictions and various lineages, but most traditional theorists place the origin of Yoga around 200 AD with the Yoga Philosopher, Patanjali, and his groupings of around 200 versus, on the treatises of yoga and their application, but sources say these verses, which were literally mantras or songs, that were memorized by the student from the teacher for thousands of years prior, so about 8000 years ago.

There are also many other classical Indian philosophies, each with their own founder and principles the other famous one is that os Kapila’s Sankhaya philosophy which Ayurveda is based upon. 

In the 1920’s, Krishnamacharya and Pattabhi Jois, the founder of Astanga Yoga, discovered manuscripts and worked to compile the vinyasa or sets of movement and created the astanga primary series and its advanced series. Since then after a lot of experience the sequences have been modified and adapted to what we now call modern vinyasa, 

Vinyasa, meaning coming from the root “vi”, which means special, and the suffix “nyasa” which means to arrange, is sometimes describes as ‘flow yoga” linking one asana to the next via the breath.

The aim of yoga is to merge the body, with the breath, with the mind, with the consciousness as an offering back to the Source. Jai Guru. Om Shanti.

Thank you and Gratitude!

Many thanks to my root teacher, and founder of Prana Vinyasa, Shiva Rea, for all of the support, wisdom, and apprenticeships. I will forever be grateful.